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Nate4Drake said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Starting from the 3rd gen where consoles really became notable, we saw huge leaps with each gen. Not just in graphics but game design. The 8th gen is the first time I haven't felt that leap per se.

If the problem was really CPU related I genuinely feel like some developers would be making cutting edge gaming experiences on PC. I mean Steam has a big enough audience to support exclusive experiences like that. I think its more game design issue than lack of power.

Either way, I'm still enjoying games but the wow factor hasn't been there in a long time outside of visual stuff.

I'm taking as examples Sony consoles simply because I have more experience about them and played the best games on all Playstation; the biggest jump I noticed have been from PSX to PS2 and from PS2 to PS3 in terms of Gameplay mechanics, physics, animations, system collision, AI. This is really CPU stuff, and if you look respectively at their CPU, well, it's so evident the huge leap in performance going from PSX to PS2 and from PS2 to PS3 :...


Well, the difference in power is night and day, that's why the jump in the forementioned categories was bigger.

Well you're comparing platforms with limited potential with more modern specs, but game design also changed. Theoretically developers could even now work with the limited capabilities of the PS1 and create experiences unique to that platform.

I think you're confusing aspects that make games look better and actual gameplay/game design. In a nutshell, game don't really feel that different from the last gen, it just more refined in regard to visual quality. There are example that boosted player counts and enemy AIs, maybe the environments are more detailed, etc. Fundamentally the games still feel about the same though.

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