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Pemalite said: 
Mr Puggsly said:

I'm not really sure what your point is. I mean even if these current consoles aren't incredibly powerful they're still very capable, I'd argue they're aging better than last gen consoles.

I mean what if 8th gen consoles had double the CPU power, 16GB of RAM and a GPU with 3-4 TF at launch? Would gaming right now be much more enjoyable? I think it would be pretty much the same just with better performance and graphics. Compared to last gen developers got a huge spec boost for the 8th gen but the games are basically the same with better graphics in my opinion.

However, I do like the spec boost of the X1X simply because its making modern console games more visually appealing.

A better CPU would go a long way, it would mean better physics effects, particle effects, more+better A.I and general better interactivity with the game world.
Double the Jaguars performance still isn't very impressive performance though...

Bright side is, relative to it's GPU performance, the Switch is a better balanced machine.

People often make that argument but I feel aspects like better physics, AI and world interactivity have more to do with the game design. Hence, developers can do plenty with the Jaguar CPUs in that regard but just don't bother. A lot of those aspects still feel like last gen content because that's just the way games are generally made.

I mean look at Just Cause 4, that's really showcase of what the Jaguar CPU is capable of.

The X1X has 30% more CPU power and it appears to make a fairly big difference. So double the CPU power of Jaguar CPU would be significant.

I don't think there is a CPU and GPU imbalance on the PS4 and X1. They're designed to run technically demanding games at 30 fps. 60 fps is possible if developers build around that and games can still look impressive at 60 fps.

Hypothetically if the Switch had an upgrade that simply doubled GPU power, that would make a world of difference when it comes to resolution and improving performance in some games. Games like Wolfenstein II and Doom would actually stay at 720p!

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