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Switch will have many competitors in the near future. The dockable Mobile gaming Space is going to be huge. There are a number of technologies coming over the next few years that will see basically every major company offering up direct competitors to the Switch. Solid State Batteries, 5G, Major Leaps in Solid State Storage, Leaps in Memory, Small, Faster, More Power Efficient and Scalable CPU's and GPU's , and Massively Scalable Development Tools will all play a part.

Beyond just a direct Switch competitors, many companies will also give you access to your games, on a number of other form factors. Over the next few years, having the option to play your games at 720p/30 on the go, or up to 8K/60+ at home will become an industry standard. There will be any number of options inbetween, both natively and via streaming.

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