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The_Liquid_Laser said:
Dr.Vita said:

No, this forum is Nintendo dominated. There are more Nintendo topics/threads in the forum and Nintendo threads get way more replies. Most of the thread polls confirm the same thing.

I think in general that Nintendo fans (compared to Playstation and Xbox fans) are the most active users in internet forums. And on this site it is really extreme. I guess that Nintendo fans are the oldest gamers among the big three and therefore participate more on these internet gaming forums.

Just out of interest, is ResetEra more balanced with the fanbases?

Well, I think the bold is true.  But about half of the threads and replies are people hating on Nintendo.  It is true that people talk about Nintendo more, but it could be positive or negative.

You are right that there are always people who hate Nintendo in some of the Nintendo threads but most of the time it's only 1 or 2 posts that are about hating Nintendo and they usually get 20-30 replies. So it's not like half of the thread is about people hating on Nintendo it's more like half of the thread is the Nintendo community bashing together the 1-2 Nintendo hate posts.

And there are always people who hate in one community, there are also people who do the same thing in Playstation threads. But I guess since you mostly play on Nintendo you will not realize that and only perceive the Nintendo hate posts.

Mnementh said:
theRepublic said:
I don't see a problem with the way the scores add up to create the final list. It is what it is. Maybe it needs more promotion to get more votes. That could help the diversity.

Trying to change the scoring sounds like a recipe for very weird results to come out that doesn't really align with the voting.

True. Whatever we do, we can't erase the Playstation/Nintendo-bias of this community anyways. Barely any Xbox, PC-gamers or Retro-gamers (besides Nintendo/Playstation retro), basically non-existant mobile or MMO-gamers. This diversity we don't get in any case.

True words but it should also be noted that the Nintendo bias is way bigger than the Playstation bias on this site.