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PAOerfulone said:
Chris Hu said:

And they are not going away anytime soon since they have a bunch of bonus draft picks in the upcoming draft (12 total) and their cap situation looks good also.  Plus more then likely it looks like they have their future head coach already once Belechick retires in Josh McDaniels.

So, they're pretty much primed, set, and ready to become the New York Yankees of football. Kinda figured since everywhere I look, on and off the internet, I see mostly hatred, contempt, and bitterness at the mention of their name. Just like the Yankees.

I'd say they are almost nothing like the Yankees. The reason the Yankees are dominant is largely because they just dump money on everything and fill their roster with all stars. That isn't how the Patriots work. They have Tom Brady, but beyond that their game doesn't revolve around all stars and individual performance. It is entirely system based. They play solid, smart football which utilizes mostly middle of the road players and makes them look like all stars.