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The_Liquid_Laser said:
alternine said:
Still don't get the point of these polls on a Nintendo dominated forum. Obviously you know what it's gonna be lol

I'm not convinced this forum is Nintendo dominated.  But most of the people on this forum don't participate in this event.  Maybe the younger people have a hard time coming up with 50 games they really like?  I don't know.  It does seem like the top games are over represented from generations 4 - 6 though, so I think age plays a factor.

No, this forum is Nintendo dominated. There are more Nintendo topics/threads in the forum and Nintendo threads get way more replies. Most of the thread polls confirm the same thing.

I think in general that Nintendo fans (compared to Playstation and Xbox fans) are the most active users in internet forums. And on this site it is really extreme. I guess that Nintendo fans are the oldest gamers among the big three and therefore participate more on these internet gaming forums.

Just out of interest, is ResetEra more balanced with the fanbases?