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I think we may see an Odyssey sequel sometime next year and perhaps an ARMS 2 to tryand refine the formula established in the first game. I also think a Xenoblade 3 could be a possibility. They already have the assets and foundation laid out from Xenoblade 2 and it would be a good eay to capitalize and build upon the series’ growing popularity on a higher and active install base.

As for Splatoon 3, I don’t think we’ll see that until their next system. We could get a spinoff though, I’m very curious to see what a Splatoon RPG could do.
And while we I am certain we will see a new 2D Zelda on Switch as well as a Skyward Sword remake, I don’t think a sequel to Breath of the Wild or a new game in that formula will come until the launch of Switch 2 or whatever the next system turns out to be. Nintendo is 2/2 with a 1.000 batting average and 2 home runs when they have a new 3D Zelda laanch with their new system. I think they’ll want to continue that trend after seeing the obvious benefits they have reaped for both the Switch and the Zelda series.