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vivster said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Dude, look at the pictures of him. He wasn't just a rapper that happens to be gay, the LGBT stuff was his identity.

It may seem kinda crass, but its fair way to describe this guy. He wasn't your run of the mill rapper, the LGBT likely helped him get attention and continues to do so! Take the gay thing out and its barely a story.

And there we have the root of the problem. People making inane things like their sexuality to an identity.

I agree and blame the LGBT community for that.

I was thinking about the story from the other day. Logan Paul just got criticism for saying he was going go gay for a month. Obviously its a joke suggesting he's just gonna have sex with guys. Gay is and has always been synonymous with homosexual so he didn't do anything wrong. We used to hear being gay means you're the same as everybody else but you have sex with people of your own gender. And guess who attacked him for that comment? Gay people. Nowadays the LGBT community perceive themselves as a some sort of race, a unique group, a community, etc. So even suggesting you're gonna go gay is now mocking being gay is some sort of choice. Inane is a good word for sexuality has become in our society. Essentially, a simple joke about having sex with guys somehow became an attack of gays. It really feels like some sort of narcissism or something, you can't even suggest you want to put your dick in another man without upsetting this group.

Anyhoo, Kevin Fret was obviously part of this LGBT thing. His identity was of the LGBT culture and he was an advocate for it. And again, without the LGBT aspect its not a story and maybe he'll become a martyr.

Last edited by Mr Puggsly - on 14 January 2019

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