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pokoko said:
Weezer, definitely. Smashing Pumpkins ... eh. Probably, though it just doesn't seem like they were around all that long.

Otherwise, it's hard for me to separate the early 1990s from the 1980s.

The Offspring were pretty big for awhile. Beck had a huge amount of buzz going and some fantastic albums. Soundgarden should 100% be included.

Jane's Addiction, too, for their influence.

Jane's Addictions is already in the Hall of Fame. This surprises me for two reasons, I assume they made their debut later and they really did not produce that many albums.

Smashing Pumpkins are still around though. They just released a (meh) new album last year that featured most of the original members. Billy Corrigan is a genius in his own right and definitely deserves a spot if the likes of Pearl Jam have already been inducted. I think Beck is a shoe in. He becomes eligible this year.

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