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NightlyPoe said:

Do you seriously not understand that Nintendo was going to profit from the deal one way or another?  Do you not understand that companies don't like parting with cash?  And that Sega didn't owe anyone anything?

All you do is keep repeating that all things considered, companies like keeping stuff.  Sheesh.

Y'know what, whatever.  Don't answer my questions.  Have a good night.  Have your last word where you again state the obvious that Rare would prefer to keep the IP and don't address that a company might consider parting with an IP in order to make a gigantic check somewhat smaller.

Angry much? I answered your post with saying Nintendo probably didnt have a say in trying to take Banjo Kazooie, it was never there IP. They only owned 49% of Rare so there are greater powers at hand here, maybe the other 51% of Rare had a say in the matter. Also i am pretty sure MS would have wanted Banjo Kazooie included in the deal.

Last edited by Azzanation - on 13 January 2019