Mar1217 said:
I have high hopes that it can surpass Q1 (January-March) and if FE releases in April-May then I can see it being also up year-on-year in one of those two months.

Oh it'll definitely be up in Q1. Right now, the Switch is riding high off of Pokemon LG and Smash Bros. Furthermore, there's Mario U Deluxe releasing just now. Even if it's a port that does not get people excited and didn't do quite well in preorders, it's 2D Mario. That's still going to sell considerable numbers and move some hardware. That game plus Travis Strikes Again should have a bigger impact than Bayonetta 1 & 2 did last year for January and February. Kirby could tip the scales a bit since that released in the mid-March last year, but by then I think it'll be too little too late.

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