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I guess I was always fully expecting both Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding to release this year. I would put Ghost in the Sep timeframe, and Death Stranding as a Nov or Dec 2019 release. The Last of Us, Part II however I am not so sure about.

The real question is if Sony would even want to press Naughty Dog into releasing TLoU 2 this year. I don't think they need to. Besides Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding, they would have Days Gone and Dreams as well for PS4 first-party exclusives. I also wouldn't be shocked by a surprise God of War expansion announcement & release this year, kinda like Horizon Zero Dawn got the Frozen Wilds expansion at the tail end of last year.

*SPOILER* If you finished God of War and saw the credits, it shows Thor showing up at Kratos' house ready for a fight, setting up a sequel. However, an important note is it says "Years later..." right before the scene. So Santa Monica Studio could easily do a small expansion set in the time between the end of God of War and before Thor shows up, essentially continuing the father/son training and adventures. *END SPOILER*