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Intrinsic said:
zorg1000 said:
America numbers seem way off.

All insiders are pointing to Switch doing over double PS4 in December but somehow it's only up ~10% during Smash week? Doesnt add up.

The bulk of those december sales as will that of any holiday sales is not coming from smash being a sales driver but rather from the NS being a holiday gift item. Especially for kids, even if that gift is bought along with smash.

I expect to see this reflected next week and the week after that where NS will have around double the sales of everything else. 

It's still way too close. Insiders are saying under 1m for PS4 and over 2m for NSW. That's under 200k/week for PS4 and over 400k/week for Switch.

These Switch numbers for NA are 404k so let's say ~360k for US, that seems feasible since like you said, the week or two before Christmas should rise but PS4 is at 361k for NA or ~330k for US so sales would need to plummet in the next two weeks which seems highly unlikely.


Edit: these numbers also put PS4 significantly up YoY in the US this week (2017-221k, 2018-300k+) which doesnt add up at all.

Last edited by zorg1000 - on 02 January 2019

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