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SvennoJ said:
m0ney said:

I'm not generalizing, I'm saying that some immigrants milk the system that way.

Same as some naturals. A friend of my mother had a kid and used it as an excuse to live off government money. She didn't want to work as the government provided enough to live decently enjoying plenty comforts. Some people are just lazy. That was in the Netherlands.

My mother used to work with refugees helping them settle in and I never got the impression from her that they were lazy. One did attempt suicide by train and lost a leg. That's also a way to milk the system...

Yeah i just find it pretty closeminded to attach such habits to immigrants when its something all people do and that only because he heard some say.

This kind of thought just makes the gap between groups of people even wider and unneeded xenofobic behaviour grow out of it.

Seems you had a good mother to learn from. :)