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Shiken said:
pokoko said:
What I like about these "I'm going to reply in a new thread" threads is that they allow the OP to create an absolute dichotomy since they don't usually quote individual arguments. That means they can frame the other "argument" as an extreme, which makes it a lot easier to attack and a lot easier for people to climb on the bandwagon. Reminds me a bit of the way tabloids operate. I guess picking out arguments you can win against is the best tactic for group self-esteem but it really is just an illusion.

Another good tactic for self-esteem is to downplay the points of others and ultimately make fun of someone for expressing their opinions in their topic.  This allows one to focus all negative attention on the OP while making one's self feel better without adding anything constructive to the topic at hand.  This too however, is just an illusion...

So you don't think I have a valid point at all?  Or you just wanted to make a completely meaningless post that ignored everything I said?