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Shiken said:

I remember when these types of threads used to pop up about the PS4 in its first two years. To those who feel the need to justify your purchase, the only person you need to justify to is yourself.

To those who feel the need to downplay Nintendo's success, how quickly you forget how people acted when other consoles were met with similar doubts. I still remember debating against XBox fans who swore Sony was going to go bankrupt and sell off the Playstation brand during the PS3 days, or how the X1 was going to DESTROY the PS4 before the reveal, or the whole "PS4 has no gamez" debacle.

How about we celebrate portable versions of 3rd party Switch games or the success that Nintendo, or any of the big 3 happen to have now or in the future. Alchy was right when he said these threads are popping up too often, but we are all to blame. (and yes, I know I recently made one myself recently)

So as a Nintendo fan, I will enjoy the great games Nintendo makes and use the Switch as my primary console for multiplats due to portability. As a Sony fan, I will enjoy the great Sony games out there and enjoy the 3rd party games that do not come to Switch.

Heck even as someone who dislikes the XBox brand, I look forward to seeing how they handle next gen and hope it goes better than the current gen.

Thats just my 2 rupees...

I think you guys are overreacting to this thread just a bit. It's not like he came out with a bunch of inflammatory statements sounding desperate to prove some childish point.
Reading the OP, seems like he felt bothered with how often this particular myth has been perpetuated and he made logical points to set the record straight. Naturally, 99% of the people who keep spreading said myth are going to ignore this and remain ignorant, but I don't think it's wrong to make this thread if you feel the need.