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killeryoshis said:

Anyway, the NES steaming service is the only reason to get the online service for me. I very rarely play online unless it is Splatoon 2 even when it was free. Right now I have some games to finish on the NES mini. So it will be awhile before I get the Nintendo Online thing. Also beating Zelda 1 walking through a forest without a map. Sure you can do it but you will get lost very fast and very often. When I first played the game I only used a guide when I had no idea what to do. It is a better way to play rather than being glued to a guide the entire time.

Same here, mostly Mario Bros/SMB1/3, River City Ransom and Balloon Fight. Trying to play Zelda on the side without a guide (it's been over 20 years since I last played, so I do mostly from memory - and I didn't get past the 6th palace anyway back then) has been a blast, just too long for the little time I have these days.