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ResilientFighter said:
Yeah they lack innovative IPs and only a few new ones surface every decade

Splatoon, ARMS, Labo, 1-2 Switch, Snipperclips, Sushi Striker, Dragalia Lost (Mobile game but still)? Where have you been for the last 2 years? 

Sahib said: 
pikashoe said: 

I'll point you to my previous post to show you how ridiculously wrong you are.

Already seen it and that list is pathetic compared to even MS.

How is it pathetic? 


* Labo

* 1-2 Switch

* Snipperclips

* Sushi Striker

and if you want to count 3DS and mobile games

* Ever Oasis

* Dragalia Lost

And that's in just under 2 years. I'd like to see Microsoft put out this many in that time. BTW, I was comparing Nintendo to other Japanese publishers like Capcom and Sega, not Sony and Microsoft. 

Last edited by TheMisterManGuy - on 17 December 2018