Miyamotoo said:
Mario Kart 8 and MK64 are my most favorites.

What I want from future Mario Kart game is to be expand on Mario Kart 8,
so more characters, cups and tracks from other Nintendo franchises, make it essentially Nintendo Kart instead of Mario Kart.
So imagine Zelda Cup, Animal Crossing Cup, F-Zero Cup, Splatoon Cup, Metroid Cup, Star Fox Cup, Pikmin Cup, Yoshi Cup, Donkey Kong Cup, Kyrby Cup, Luigis Cup and of course couple of standard Mario Kart Cups.

Well i was at work earlier so I could not put up what I though.

I will use your post to leverage of it too. Agree about more levels.

I personally think the next game will probably be called Mario Kart Ultimate, in the same vein as SSB Ultimate. That is why I agree with you about more cups. I think they will add them and more players.

Now for me it is a hard decision. I like the way Mario Kart 8 is balanced, mainly because it allows a wider audience to play with.

With Double Dash i loved the pace of the game, probably my favourite in terms of speed and snaking. The issue here was if you were too good you could lap people too easily. Now most will argue that's fine you are just that much better. But i did turn off a lot of people from Mario Kart playing against them on Wii in GCN mode.  So on the one hand I want the speed but at the same time I don't want to turn away people.  Perhaps there is a way to make the speed faster (maybe not as quick as Double Dash but keep the way Mario Kart 8 is? Not sure.

I also want to see a story mode as I mentioned in the CTR thread. That i liked in Diddy Kong and CTR. Perhaps be a bit more fun and casual about it in the same spirit as say cannonball run (or tour de france style). Where you race from one end of the mushroom kingdom to the other. Provide save points after each race so you can come back to it later. A long 20-30 track kind of trace that is essentially one big race. Now between each leg, maybe add the ability to tweak your kart based on weather and road terrain and conditions for the next section.