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A few factors to consider:

Nintendo is WAAAAAAY bigger than all of those companies. Their executive staff has WAAAAAY more influence.
Corporate third parties, even though they may still have a lot of money, are driven to keep consistent and predictable incomes - otherwise, shares drop in value and the board fires the executive staff.

Nintendo's executive staff apparently has a lot more power and influence than others (in most industries), this is why they can give the board the middle finger and do what they want... I remember people, even in this forum, were angry about Iwata keeping his position and wanted the board to fire him - but basically, he had to die in order to lose his position no matter what those assholes demanded. Even crazy old Yamauchi managed to stay in power after numerous controversies throughout the 1990s, and only retired from the position when he felt he as too old and had it effectively given to his hand-chosen successor. I think things are a little shaken up in Nintendo right now, though. It's my doubt Iwata planned to give up his position in the next 20-30 years if not for his illness.

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