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OTBWY said:
Barozi said:

You act like the last referendum was the first for the UK to stay in the EU. You're wrong.
There is NO reason not to make a "second" referendum. Since then millions of young people became eligible to vote and millions of old people have died, which makes their vote worthless. If the result stays the same, so be it. But ignoring those millions of votes is definitely much more undemocratic.

The people that don't want another referendum know deep in their hearts that they will lose hard this time. Whatever brexit movement there is pales in comparison to remainers now. We have had many protests demonstrating this.

I would be totally fine if they voted for leave again. No one could really be mad about it after the desastrous amount of misinformation last time.
But I totally agree with you. They barely won it last time and now they're afraid to lose the next potential referendum and all we get is pathetic excuses why another referendum would be undemocratic. Hilarious double standards.