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contestgamer said:
Barozi said:

1. referendums aren't elections.
2. I explained the reasons why an election shouldn't be done every year in my following post.
3. results of general elections have an impact within a few weeks after the election is over. This referendum will start having an (legal) impact almost 3 years later.
Question: Would you make a final decision 3 years in advance for something important and then stand with it no matter what things have changed in the mean time or would you rather check if it's still the right decision some time before the deadline ends to make the decision?

There is no "right" decision. There is simply the will of the people. No one asked for it to take 3 years, that's just how it played out. You cant have a double standard here - if you vote NO then there's no 3 year decision to make so ergo we dont need a revote according to your logic. The election wasnt forced to happen when it did.

So would you ignore the will of the people to do another referendum?
It was well known that it would take at least 2 years, it was part of the contract, so you're wrong.