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zorg1000 said:
Added November which gives PS4 a 468k lead. Needs to clear 1009k in December to win the year.

If this December is a repeat of last December, then we will basically have a tie. Our NPD December 2017 thread has PS4 at 1080k.

Like has been said in other threads, it is really up to Sony how many units they want to sell. A drop to $249.99/$349.99 from 12/17 to 12/28 would assure them a victory for the year, and against PS2 05'. It's starting to seem unlikely though. I think Sony has reached a point where they are getting into users who will not be buying many games/services, so they are more interested in making a large profit on hardware, than cutting back on profits to put a few 100K more consoles out there. 

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