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CaptainExplosion said:

But it's like they'd think a kid was on drugs just because he drew the Super Mushroom from Super Mario Bros. -_-

Very frankly you shouldn't be calling others idiots and making statements such as this. They made a decision based on lack of information which was ultimately the best option in a potentially high risk situation.

Looking at the article and the letter in it, clearly a bunch of children did not know what it was and assumed it was a shooter. Probably due to the logo looking close to a cross-hair. I don't know how you think your analogy even works, but your spending your time calling a bunch of kids that don't know about of video game, idiots and randomly bring up a rather dull comparison to drugs and Mario. One is a potential life and death scenario that takes immediate decision making, the other isn't. This doesn't make sense in the slightest and doesn't actually move any conversation forward other than calling kids idiots. Sometimes I genuinely can't take this place seriously.