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Chazore said:

EA gave away free games like Steam has done before, only EA has actively killed their "on the house" program and replaced it with their sub fee paid game pass style "Origin Vault" service, so no more free games on the house anymore.

If they are going to do this, they need to do it for years and years to come, not pulling an EA and save face by doing it for just 2 years and then dropping it when they've drummed up that Bethesda style goodwill.

I prefer Steam over EA Origin a lot, but that's a very unfair comparison IMHO.

EA gave a lot of their own good games away for free in these four years (March 2014 to July 2018 is a much longer period than two years), How many Valve games did Valve gave away for free on Steam? None? Almost none?

Valve gives other developers a platform to promote their newer games with freebies of their older games and seems to expect such freebies now and then... but they aren't giving away their own games and probably aren't paying developers for freebies either.