ZODIARKrebirth said:
Megiddo said:

Is this a joke? Why would anyone buy a PS4 console in North America exactly one week before there's a gigantic sale on the PS4?

I'm shocked it's near the Switch globally on the Pokemon release week. I was expecting it to be destroyed this week, like  3:1 or at least 2:1 ratio in favor of Switch.

thought the same, ps4 numbers are amazing if we think it's 5 year old and still sales that good

PS4 was selling real good this year and suddenly in November is going to sell like a million less than last year worldwide at this rate. It doesn't matter is its 5th year. I'm comparing PS4 perfomance this month compared to the rest of the year....PS4 was like 10-15% up YOY in USA for example, and in its 2 last months it could end behind last year. Without context, selling only a little bit less than last year in its 5th year is really good, but when you consider it was doing so good until now, with all those bundles with huge games this year....