SilenceDeadly said:
The Holiday is about to begin, Ps4 could be having the best ones holiday ever if Sony priced it at 199.99$/€/¥ across the globe.

Switch with Smash & Pokemon is going to absolute crush 30M LT by December 31st.

PS4 will be at around ~91M I think.

Last year Sony said PS4 sold 5'9M from Nov 19-20 to Dec 31, 6'2M in 2016 and 5'7M in 2015 in the same time periods. If according to this site PS4 was around 84'9M sold until Oct 27 and ends selling around 91M it will mean that this holiday season is going to be the worst since 2015, at least. With Spiderman, RDR 2, COD BOPS4, and many others, i did not expected this. 

Switch selling 30M at the end of the year...., yes, I agree. That will mean around 17M Switch sold in 2018 and if your prediction of PS4 becomes true then PS4 is going to sell around 17'5M in 2018, the same as 2016 when it was selling way better this year until now than that year....

If PS4 has around 6M sold in the holiday season like previous years it should end around 18-18'5M according to this site, so closer to 92M lifetime. But well, these are VGC numbers, so we won't know the real numbers until Sony and Nintendo gives them.

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