zkp said:
Miyamotoo said:

Well fact is that Smash Ultimate is not copy paste port/remaster. Even if they used Smash Bros 4 like base for Smash Ultimate, Ultimate has so many differences, improvements and much more content in any case compared to Smash Bros 4.

Smash Bros 4 had 92 score, so this game will hardly will have lower score than that in any case.

Still it's a copy paste, not big d at all. It's feels like the old one, it's works like the old one it's looks like the old one. 

What's the point in struggling to make great game when at the end all you need is just copy and use it again + add more fighters and counting that will be enough to earn good score.


That's just my opinion, whole hype for this game is weird and unhealthy also incomprehensible. If this game will score higher then wholly reinvented God of War it will be joke, like this company could bo more, but still.

Why? God of War was a port too (going by your definition, which seems to be that being part of a series = port); you have no fucking idea what you're on about, you can't just hide behind "It's an opinion", it's a straight up lie.