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pokoko said:
flashfire926 said:

Game was down 85% in pre-orders, compared to Black Ops 4, then 65% down in sales UK when comparing the first two weeks of battlefield 1 to 5. Target and Best Buy dropped the game's price to $30 just a week after launch. As a result EA's stock is also 40% down compared to E3 time.

Keep digging your own grave, DICE. For once I'm going to be clapping if a studio goes belly up.

This is exactly what happens when you pander to an audience that doesnt even play games.

You'll be clapping if 600 people lose their jobs?  Most of whom didn't have a say in the direction of the game?  Just to spite some top dog studio heads who will have another job within a week?

Jesus fucking Christ.  

Ultimately that's the saddest part in this. If EA gets no repercutions out of this, they would've come out scot free from insulting their audience by both PR and the quality of the product sold. If EA does get repercutions out of this, most of DICE's staff is eventually either going to go unnemployed or absorbed into other studios. People who most likely did not really agree with whoever decided this approach to marketing/game design was a good thing.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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