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Miyamotoo said:
Soundwave said:

PS4 Pro is probably in the range of being 30%+ of PS4 sales which is not a small amount. In Japan PS4 Pro and regular PS4 models are now selling almost 1:1. 

XBox One X has caused a huge shift in XBox One year over year sales and probably is also selling 1:1 or better than the base model despite being the most expensive game hardware SKU out there. 

There's simply not much of a chance Nintendo isn't going to follow suit. Not only do these models sell well to the point that they're causing upward trends in both the PS4 and XB1, they're also more profitable long term too, there was a report that Sony makes more money off the Pro model, because the cost of chips come down in price relatively quickly, but the higher price point then nets you a higher take home profit. 

As for whether 3rd parties would make a few games Pro only, I think it could happen if the system is cheap enough to port to. If its something that isn't a big damn pain in the ass to port and has a reasonable amount of power where they can outsource the port or have it done with a small team, probably for some titles you will see that done. Take2 just released a console quality "patch" for NBA2K19 on iPad that gives the game PS4/XB1 tier graphics and runs at 2K+ resolution at 60 frames per second. They did that for a version of the game that basically can only run on the new iPad Pro which is like $800. Doubling or tripling a mobile chip simply opens up more possibilities for game experiences. 

You will get your New 3DS/2DS etc. style revisions for Switch sure. But you will also get a Pro model. Nintendo is not ignoring that revenue stream and it's an option that's proven itself to be very popular with consumers and helps the bottom line of Sony and MS, Nintendo isn't going to ignore that. Looking at how Apple operates there was already the notion to do something like that anyway, but Sony/MS doing it with home consoles basically sealed the deal. It's not an either/or thing, the PS4 and XBox One have also gotten "smaller/cheaper" revisions like the PS4 Slim and XBox One S. It doesn't stop a Pro model from happening. 

But that doesn't mean that PS4 would sell 30% less without Pro model, only reason why Pro is selling currently 1:1 in Japan is because Pro had recently price cut in Japan.

I was very clear about, X is selling good because people are buying it like best 4K consoles for their 4K TVs, but that doesn't have anything with potential Switch Pro.

You ignoring fact that Nintendo was already doing similar thing, New 3DS or DSi are already some kind of 3DS and DS upgrades. Difference is that PS4 and XB1 were already strongest hardware on market and that bring more attention, also they bring 4K support (in case of PS4 Pro we talking about upscaled 4K).

Yeah, you could have few games, but expecting 8-15 bigger 3rd party games per year just for Pro is not realistic at all, we want have even 8 bigger 3rd party only for Switch LT, not per year. Point is that huge majority of 3rd party if want to release its game for Switch would rather want to release game that could be played hole Switch install base than just small part of it, if game cant run, they will not bother porting in on first place just one revision. But thats a point, iPad Pro maybe recived NBA2K19 patch, but point is that have also version of NBA2K19 game that works on previous iPad, while in case of Switch Pro you talking just about exclusive games not versions of games, you keep comparing potential Switch Pro with PS4 Pro/X and iPad Pro, while you ignoring fact that all games for those devices runing on base version of those devices also.

We will see if we will get Pro or New Switch revision and we probbably talking about same thing, because New 3DS or DSi are something similar what Pro is for base PS4, and offcourse that Nintendo was never ignored higher revenue stream, we have New 3DS and we have New 3DS XL, so there is no reason so to pretend like Nintendo wanst doing that before. No one arguing that, what I arguing with you and some other people here, is because you expecting big number of big 3rd party games that would be released just for one Switch revision, and that's not realistic at all.

No, I think it's becoming clear the X and Pro models for XBox One and PS4 are industry changing additions. And I doubt Nintendo ignores that trend. 

We're seeing consoles in year 5 of their cycle when you should start seeing decline, and instead you're actually seeing zero decline and in the case of the XBox, you're seeing actual large uptick in sales. 

This is like someone coming up with a pill that a 60 year old can take that makes them appear like they're in their late 30s again ... that's not a small deal in the business of gaming. 

You will get your smaller/slimmer/moderate bump/different screen size Switch sure ... but the "Pro" equivalent to Switch is also (seperately) gonna happen too. And I'm not talking New 3DS. The XBox One S is basically the "New 3DS" of XBox One models, the XBox One X however is a different beast entirely, and it is what is primarily responsible for XBox One sales remaining not only steady but rising up. 

What Sony/MS have done with the Pro and X models is going to forever change the console industry. This is not a minor thing. 

Personally I think Nintendo is done with the old generational definition you have, so I think that's your hold up there is you can't imagine anything different. But PC has been doing this for 30 years, there is no "generational shift", games come as they please, and developers know full well a higher end game will initially only be available to certain portion of the overall PC base because not everyone is going to have the newest GPU. It's not that big of a deal. 

I know some people think the world would end or something if a console system adopted something similar, but it really wouldn't, it's just different, but people have problems grasping that. The minute you show them a 30 second trailer with an official product most of the time they end up going "I don't want that, that sounds terribl -- oh wait ... that looks kinda hot, I actually might buy that ... oh wow ... where do I preorder?".

Last edited by Soundwave - on 04 December 2018