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Right now I'm playing a game called Dog Sled Saga. It's basically a dog sled manager game where you take your own team to the top of the dog sled circuit. It has a nice pixelated art style and is just a very relaxing game to play overall. I've completed two or three games in the last month, not entirely sure how long ago it was that I finished Yakuza Zero. More recently I've played through Final Fantasy VIII and Gravity Rush 2.

Don't really know what game I'm gonna play next. I've been wanting to play another JRPG soon, but there are a lot of options right now. I've got Suikoden 2, Wild Arms 3, Ni No Kuni II, Lost Odyssey, Grandia 2 all still waiting to be played, and I've also wanted to go back and replay some titles like The Legend of Dragoon and Rogue Galaxy. So we'll see. As far as new purchases go, I've been buying some games for christmas mostly. I got Ni No Kuni II, Monster Hunter World, Shadow of the Colossus Remake and Nier: Automata for the PS4, and I also got a few games from the PS Store christmas sale. Honestly, I've bought too many games recently. It's gonna take forever to get around to playing all of them. 

For that reason I'm also not planning on buying any more games in the near future. Too much stuff in my backlog as it is.