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Nautilus said:
cycycychris said:

There making a star fox racer game. Which the game sounds prettyamazing to me.

I'm sure they would make a pretty good MK9 game too, we would probably see the game take a larger leap forward than we have in while. I'm not so sure though at what a team like Retro has to offer for a series like Mario Kart. I think the best use of Retro is for them to take series that needs a new way of looking at the series and to help transform it from there. I don't think MK needs that.

Dont want to be a drag, but thats a rumor.Please refer to it as such otherwise people will get confused.


Anyways, Retro wouldnt be doing Mario Kart 9, since I believe Nintendo would rather they do something their other studios cant do.

I hate to be that guy, but the only thing Retro can do those other Nintendo studios can't is take 8 years to complete a B-tier title.

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