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curl-6 said: 
Mr Puggsly said:
Eh, Alan Wake has nice looking assets and effects but that resolution is rough. I found it tolerable during that era, but I would modern games avoid going that low. Alan Wake running 1080p on PC is a world of difference on the presentation, but its still enjoyable on the 360

Yeah I edited that part out after playing a bit further, beyond the opening night scene, I mean I still think it looks good but yeah, not quite one of 360's absolute prettiest.

Its also worth noting Remedy went surprisingly low on resolution for Quantum Break. I mean its a 720p game well into the X1's launch and its not even aiming for 60 fps. However, it makes great use of post processing effects so you get a better image than a standard 720p game. Alan Wake on the hand, not so much. I'm surprised MS helped get the game relisted but hasn't funded a remaster or even a 4K patch.

The 7th gen could have really benefitted from dynamic resolution given GPU power was often its biggest obstacle. A game like Alan Wake could have used it. Rage was one of the first times I recall it implemented on consoles and it was pretty late into the 7th gen.

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