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Yup, totally overrated and at the same time framerates are underrated as hell. I will play games at 720p any day, don't have any problem with that whatsoever. But I can't stand playing anything below 60 fps anymore. And that's just the bare minimum for me these days. 120 fps is obviously even better. But my measly GTX 1070 can struggle to hit that in some games. Don't know if I would like even more fps better, because my display can only handle 120 Hz. It has G-Sync though, so some framedrops here and there don't hurt too much.
60 fps is fine though. With that games feel and look fluid while the experience with 30 fps, at least for me, is really rubbish.

I guess I kinda got used to high framerates from playing VR extensively. It doesn't matter if you're playing on PSVR or PC, you will always get 90 or 120 fps there combined with low resolutions. When I got back on playing on a flat screen after months of playing exclusively in VR, I couldn't watch at anyhting below 60 fps anymore. Which is funny, because I was only playing on PSVR before that. So in a way you could say PlayStation made me buy a somewhat beefy PC. Because PSVR spoiled me with its glorious 120 Hz refresh rate.

Low framerates were fine back in the days, but come on, we're approaching 2019 for crying out loud! 30 fps should be a thing of the past. Resolution on the other hand is nice to have. But I tend to not even think about it. Especially in gameplay I can quickly forget if a game is running just in 720p or even below that. Now there's obviously a limit to that, I wouldn't want to play in 360p or something anymore. But I really don't need 4K.

That said, everyone has their own priorities and I would never say that what I prefer is the universal truth or something.

Last edited by OdinHades - on 02 December 2018

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