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leo-j said:
TheRealMafoo said:
If BD is the new standard in movie format, and if the PS3 is the reason for it, Sony will profit more from this generation of gaming consoles then MS and Nintendo combined.


 Wow way to optimistic, if blu-ray doesnt replace DVD it could actually mean that sony can lose money on the format, like they did with UMD.

If HD does take over, and blu-ray's market share takes at least 25% of all DVD sales, I can see sony gaining PS3 sales, and making tons of money. Though until then its not going to happen. Sony GAMING DIVISION doesnt profit from blu-ray, they profit off software sales, and hardware sales, the PS3 is still costing them lots, if software sales dont increase significantly and if we dont see the PSP sales double(same with ps2) its not even going to make as much as microsoft profit wise.

Well it is at 10% since the introduction of HD formats...