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leo-j said:
Gamer4eva said:
The PS3 will outsell the PS2, i am saying this based off a number of facts and personal opinions.

- Blu Ray
- 10 Year Life Cycle
- Best Libary of Games
- Ever improving Online

For me, they havnt lost anything. They have introduced the new standard of the next media format (Blu Ray), improved their online from PS2, fixed many of their reliablity issues which they had with the PS2 and built a quality games and media console. Their sales have also been very good considering it is still at a very high price and has only released 1 of it's big games.


 Until its the wii's price, and has that library of games it has no chance. It doesnt appeal to casuals as much as the wii, or to the core as much as the 360.

You do realise that "core gamers" and "Blu ray users" are a group that overlaps pretty well. The people who love to play games - males, 16-30 coincides quite well with the people that apreciate Blu ray. 

I remember seeing a lot on these forums and others "I'll pick up a PS3 because it has Blu ray - and plays games" - thats the value angle, which would be irrelevant if this group didn't apreciate Blu ray. For this group, the Wii is overpriced comparitively because it DOESNT play blu ray.

Hey I always mention blu ray in the Elite as one of the key factors for accelerating Xbox360 takeup for this reason. I may as well be honest and admit it here.