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BraLoD said:
Acevil said:

That sentence wasn't about what made the most money, but what contributing factor that led to the growth for the quarter. Xbox One is super up from last year, namely in revenue, PS4 was also up largely in September thanks to wonderful game called Spider man. The Plug and play consoles were also heavily featured in the summer by Nintendo, so they produced a large growth as well.

Switch while winning two of the months of the quarter, was flat, so it cannot be held responsible for the growth of the quarter, just that it was stable.  


Acevil said:

I will answer this for you as well, since the last post was just trying to clarify the report's statement, Xbox experienced huge growth because last year it was sort of a dud, this is why it is heavy contributor to the growth compared to last year, however with that said it is still third place unit wise and most likely revenue wise as well, as Switch won July and August and PS4 won a lot in September with Switch was second. Xbox One is consistently third in most months and usually sees the most growth in November and December for a large chunk (due to serious amount of deals). 

With the timing here I thought this was Out/Nov as we almost always talk about FY Quarters when talking about sales here.

Well, it's about last full quarter then, and only about growth yoy? (Also misleaded by the fact the title is about money spent)

Heh, thank you for clarifying.

The whole article is focused on growth in the industry and why it may be happening. It doesn't actually attach first place, second place and so on. 

So subject context in which "led by xbox one" is mentioned is to explain 11% hardware revenue growth. Xbox itself was near 20% growth (unit sales growth, I don't know about the dollar amount attached to said units), but like I said before, is still very distant third for the quarter.