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flashfire926 said:
Acevil said:

This thread is about Q3 2018, and not about November and December.....

"Switch was last in Q3 last year? What?"

I was replying this to this part. I thought you meant Q3 as in fiscal year Q3 and not calendar year Q3, so my mistake.

Ya, I was saying it in the context of this thread, all is good. I was confused myself, because of rick's statement.

quickrick said: 
Acevil said: 

That is fine, it is whatever to make mistake  and you owned up to it but seriously, tone down the dislike, and as much as you may act like you don't have it, it is apparent.

I'm only discussing sales. I'm not shitting on switch or venture into other switch threads lately you guys take this too seriouslyit's just fun to me seeing who wins and gets the right prediction. 

Well, was just offering you advice, might help with you moderated standing on this site as well. Not up to me if you take it not.

Last edited by Acevil - on 30 November 2018