Zombie9ers said:
JRPGfan said:

Game wise isnt it already past 880m ? That last 120m probably wont take another year to reach 1bn.

About what it hits 100m hw sold through.... hmm sometime next year, probably before holidays too.

I thought it was around 770 as of last report (september) - have they released additional numbers since?

777.9 million units of games ( june)
+75.1 million additional games between June and September

= 853 million by end of September

in october.... they did.... I cant remember exactly, but I remember seeing the 880m number somewhere I think.

Point is 770m units of games sold was long ago (if you saw it resently in some report, its because sony is useing old numbers).
They are around or just over 10,2 games pr system sold.




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