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NJ5 said:
crumas2 said:
Dgc1808 said:
Any one think MS and SONY had no way of predicting Nintendo's Dominance currently this Gen??? I don't even think Nintendo could have guessed this happenning....


I don't know about that... those two guys on the Wii commercials seemed pretty confident to me...

Just goes to show that a disruptive business model can completely reverse a company's fortunes.



No way Nintendo thought they'd be this dominant... If they were confident in that, Wii production would have been higher right from the start.

They must have known that they were going to attract new people to gaming, and also that motion controls could be a big success even with many traditional gamers, but I'm sure they didn't know they'd have shipped 20 million consoles by the end of 2007 ;)


That was a joke...