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Barkley said:

It should be Switch 2, and unless Switch is going to receive upgrades, it'll be replaced a lot sooner than people in here are hoping. Really they should make it an iterative console, simply release a new generation of Switch as they do with the IPhone while continuing to support all old models until it's no longer feasible and then phase them out.

They should release an updated Switch every 3 years and support each Switch model for 6 years before phasing it out, I'd like to see PlayStation and Xbox do the same.

This is exactly the sort of thing I’d like to see as well, and that’s part of the benefit for using the architecture they are. It seems like a big waste if they don’t pursue this route. The only thing I’d change from your post is the timeframe between iterations, which I think would be best at the 2 year mark and 4 years retail shelf life; still with 6 year support.

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