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Intrinsic said:
It will be a great way to stealth remove the disc drive though.

Has the added bonus of not requiring any game to be installed too. I am also guessing a read only cart will cost less than one required for both read ad writes.

Those are my thoughts too. The difficult thing with removing the disc drive would be how to sell that to gamers that have a PS4 library that want B/C. I think they have to offer PS5 with a drive to start with, but having PS5 games on Cart would make removing the disc drive later on a lot easier.

I think that having the ability to return to Plug and Play Physical games would go over huge though. 

Note to mention, I still think that proper Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead, Call of Duty, FIFA, God of War, Horizon, and the likes on a Mobile PlayStation would be massive. Especially if it is one purchase that works across all PlayStation devices.

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