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News just poped up about a new Sony patent for "electronic Game Cartridges".

Not much else to it right now, but I think it definitly offers food for thought. 


Will Sony go completely Cartridge Based for Physical games going forward? This would make offering a unified library across Home and Mobile possible. Depending on the speed of the cartridge it could eliminate the need to install Physical games to internal storage. So not only would it help out the push for a Mobile PlayStation, but also allow them to shift to NVMe Storagefor PS5 as they could get away with 500GB to 1TB at launch. 

I think this could be a very interesting move. It honestly has a lot more positives going for it than negatives from my perspective. 

If they did go cartridge based, would they still have a Disc Drive? 

Any thoughts?



Looks like this is for another Sony Product called Toio.

See 0:30.


Thanks to everyone who found out more and posted the links.

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