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Dgc1808 said:
Going by what you say, I could also say that DS is a failure then??? An MS is doing a little better but will endup in last which is worse that the 2nd place they held last Gen, Am i not correct??? I can also say that the PSP is a major success, and the PS2 is pretty much a freaking legend??? From what I understand the major failure brand would be MS then, because they will do better than the first XBOX, but still come in last which is worst than the 2nd place they had last year.

I believe what the OP is saying is that you have to judge performance vs expectations. Sony expected their console to do far better than it's doing (as they should, having a very powerful brand name in gaming). Microsoft probably expected the 360 to do as good as it's doing (save for the hardware issues). Nintendo expected the Wii to do worse than it's doing.

OP's view is reasonable, and a valid way of looking at the situation (even if it isn't the only valid way).


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