Good work OP.

PS4 is doing a good work against PS2 despite its price, but despite a harder competition too, because its direct competitor, XB One, is way bigger than the original was back then. I think this holiday season will be the definitive turning point between PS4 and XBO. Until now they have been relatively close because ps4 exlusives until this year were not a phenomenon in USA so people still saw the consoles as similar, XBO had always very good deals in holidays and better price all the year and because of the push of XB One X they reignited sales last year. But this holiday PS4 at last have some exclusives that really matter to the greater audience in USA like God of War and Spider-Man. The mindset is changing in USA, as PS4 is becoming more popular because of its exclusives. The price is going to be better too, in fact, i won't be surprised if there is another permanent price cut por PS4 next year, and every lose in sales for XBO the following years is going to be a gain for PS4. That's why I expect another great sales year for PS4 next year and I expect PS4 selling around 40M units in the end in USA (and around 130M worldwide).