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Yeah, Westerners hate random encounters so much that the most loved Final Fantasy games have turn based combat. So yeah, let's remake the game but ruin the real reason why these games are so loved. The ATB system is why makes combat so fun. I don't get how your so idiotic to not understand why a game is even popular. It's like turning GOW into a puzzle game. People still buy new editions of FF7 and FF10, play it and they don't complain about the combat. Annoying loud ass hats are the reason why game franchises are often ruined. Developers actually listen to nonsense. Check the polls on Final Fantasy games with the best/most fun combat. It's strange that they are a turn-based system, not that of the newer games (FF15/13). Strange right? Not... Really people who aren't fans of a game like yourself shouldn't speak, and try to dictate a games design and direction.

PS: Overworld only encounters are next level tedium and annoyance. Something JRPG's need to stop jumping into. It's really not that fun. Especially if you are doing farming/grinding. Keep this kinda shit out of a 100+ hour game, or at LEAST, have an option to turn on/off.


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Last edited by think-man - on 20 November 2018