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Bandorr said:
Don't understand this what so ever.

First if you already have an XB1 - why would you get a disc less one?
Why would you have a pile of physical games if you don't already have an XB1?

The xb1's that cost $300 usually come with a game. So will the $200 ones come with a game?

Plus you can easily wait for a discount on the XB1, and XB1s for them to drop to $200 or lower.

So what do you gain by giving up an option of using discs?

You don't gain anything. You lose UHB Bluray capability. MS earns a new only digital customer though, unable to sell your used games of course.
The X1S will also get a revision btw, so in the end the difference will likely be 50 dollars, not 100.

Last edited by Errorist76 - on 16 November 2018