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ULTIMATE BOLD Prediction [2018] Super Smash Bros Will Sell 15mil WW... In under a MONTH



Yeah too Bold for even me but **** it lmao! Remember this is Ship+Digital obviously and we will get numbers no matter what. Whether its 12mil or 5mil we will see answers end of Jan!


Anyways with that said.... Your Thoughts? Your crow served anyway special? Post it all!!! XD


*france has shown itll be 500k in shipment day 1

*Japan sales will be greater FW than 3ds version (950k)

*SMO did 9mil with an install base of around 17mil

*Smash will have more than 30mil install base (of targets hit)

*Marketing and Hype like never before i seen for a nintendo game imo




*The game is Huge

*Amazon US has it number 1 (best indicator)

*Everyone is Here

*Everyone is Dead aside from our saviour Kirby

*Its Smash

Last edited by tbone51 - on 15 November 2018