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JEMC said:
^Erm... in your scenario, third parties will be the last ones to jump to Switch Pro only titles, not the first ones. And it won't be because they won't like the extra power, because it's obvious they would love it, but because of the lower install base. Unless of course you expect the Switch Pro to sell as much if not more than the regular (and by then cheaper) Switch, but we both know that this won't be the case.

Also, now that you mention the discussions before the revival of the Switch, weren't you the one saying that there would be several Switches of several dimensions to catter the smartphone and tablet users? Because that hasn't happened, unless you expect that Switch Pro to be the tablet like model.

The Switch already is a tablet like device. 

Nintendo could court 10-12 third party titles a year. They don't need every third party title, but you don't want to be missing too many of the top tier IP and what happens if the next Fortnite craze is something that requires a PS4/XB1 tier performance, you're shit outta luck then. If they could get Call of Duty, Kingdom Hearts, RE2 Remake, into the Switch ecosystem and a few others it would be worthwhile and those games are waiting for Switch owners any time they are ready to move on up rather than starting a library from 0 again. 

The hard "reset" generation setup sucks anyway, it burns Nintendo about 50% of the time. 50% of their hardware transitions since the SNES days have ended in failure or dissapointment (ie: Wii to Wii U, even DS to 3DS, N64 to GameCube). 

That's an insane business policy to reset to 0 like that every 5-6 years with a 50% chance you're going to lose a huge chunk of your audience. No other business would find that acceptable. 

Changing the way hardware models are offered and redefining it is important for Nintendo, now more than ever, because they don't have two systems to fall back on either. If for whatever reason the fickle audience doesn't like Switch 2 and you've 100% commited to the old hardware refresh set up ... you're 100% fucked because you have nothing to fall back on unless you want to be a smartphone app company. Too risky. Embracing a different model that's more like Apple is simply the better route to go. 

Some consumers will complain but they'll be a small minority. At some point you have to look out for the best interests of your company, not slavishly obeying the old "well I expect 6 full years of content" crowd, like some fat guy at an all you can eat buffet who still isn't happy after eating 30 pounds of food. That consumer is not going to be there to bail you out when things go tough they'll just be like "tough, I don't feel like buying a GameCube or Wii U or 3DS", they risk nothing, you take all the risk as the company, every time you change generations the traditional way, that needs to change. 

Last edited by Soundwave - on 13 November 2018