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I'm thinking launch holiday 2020 too. In terms of launch/first next gen game for each Sony studio and there likely third party partnerships:


Insomniac: Ratchet and Clank - good action platformer game that appeals to all ages. Franchise isn't getting dated thanks to the gameplay focusing on guns and action, and the remake of the first game was popular, so I think it's a good fit for launch.

Guerilla: Horizon 2 - will be nearly four years since the first game in late 2020. Think that is just enough time for the sequel. Could be a big system seller

Then after that, the next projects I see in terms of exclusives

First Party:

Santa Monica: God of War 2

Naughty Dog: New IP

Media Molecule: New IP

Polyphony: Gran Turismo 7 (with big offline career mode making a return)

Japan Studio: Two new IPS, one regular, one VR

Sucker Punch: Ghosts of ________. Might be Tsushima 2, but I have a small feeling they might move the setting around as a theme, like Ass Creed

Sony Bend: depends on Days Gone sales. if not, new IP or Socom reboot

PixelOpus: new IP, AA

London: god knows.

San Diego: MLB

San Diego 2: Sony's new studio that is rumoured to be working alongside a major first party studio. Most likely continuing the Uncharted franchise with Naughty Dog overseeing

And Sony's partners: 

Insomniac: Spidey 2

Bluepoint: going to keep pumping out classic remasters

Gen Design: think this will be exclusive. Looking forward to seeing what Ueda has come up with now

From Software: unsure about the likelihood, but I think the desire will be there from Sony at least to get an exclusive from them, and they have a good relationship with Miyazaki now

Supermassive: another game in the vein of Until Dawn

Quantic Dream: have a feeling they might go multiplatform next gen, but if not we know what kind of thing to expect